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2006 Champion of the 50th European Go Congress 2006 in Frascati [#593]

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Phelan: 2006 Champion of the 50th European Go Congress 2006 in Frascati (2006-08-14 14:36) [#2077]

Is this correct? The [ext] Live News page only has her as Winner of the Go Master Tournament. The [ext] results of the main tournament has her as 3rd place.

HermanHiddema: Highest ranked European player (2006-08-14 14:59) [#2078]

Although she came third in the main tournament, she is the highest ranked European player and is therefor European Champion

Phelan: Highest ranked European player (2006-08-14 16:20) [#2079]

"Highest ranked European player" or "European Champion" are not equal to "Champion of the 50th European Go Congress". Or are they?

Phelan: Re: Highest ranked European player (2006-08-14 16:28) [#2080]

Oh, I see your point now. You mean that the Korean players don't count for the European ranking, and so she is the best European. That is true, although I don't know if the Korean get the title of Champion from the organizers, or if she does, since I'm not familiar with the tournament rules. I'll leave it for someone who is.

reply ((no subject)) (2006-08-14 16:55) [#2081]

The overall winner of the tournament is the "European Open Champion"; the highest ranked national of a European country is the "European Champion".

This distinction was first made in 1983 for the Edinburgh European Congress. Before then it was the practice to hold a separate round robin tournament for the top 8 European players, but this was discontinued as strong Japanese/Korean players objected to travelling all the way to Europe only to play each other.

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