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(moved) Subpages as unreachable pages. [#588]

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Unkx80: (moved) Subpages as unreachable pages. (2006-08-09 15:25) [#2058]

Steve: Surely one needs zero clicks to get to the FrontPage from the FrontPage, and of course, that means reducing everything by 1. Also, is it sensible to list "Discussion" pages as unreachable when they are always listed as "Sub-pages" on the relevant page?

unkx80: I believe that the code for this was written before Arno introduced subpages into SL, hence the anonmaly. I would personally prefer all discussion pages to be taken out of the computation.

ArnoHollosi: Re: Subpages as unreachable pages. (2006-08-12 09:34) [#2069]

I changed the algorithm slighty: now by definition sub-pages are rated as two clicks away from their parent, unless there are other links in the text itself.

The reason for 2 clicks instead of 1 click is that I think that links in the left hand bar are less likely to be clicked by people reading the text.

Note: links from postings are not taken into account.

reply ((no subject)) (2006-08-12 16:29) [#2070]
Surely everything is one click away - Random Page?. ;-)

Okay, okay, I'm just kidding.


Isildur: Re: ((no subject)) (2008-01-20 07:52) [#4216]

Or at most 6, since any page that would otherwise be ranked at 7 or more is listed at this page, giving it a rank of 4 ;)

Hicham: ((no subject)) (2006-08-12 17:54) [#2071]

You might be kidding, but that is the way I find pages most of the time. I just stumble on to them. I rarely follow a path (except for joseki), if I don't do a direct search.

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