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Bill: Gender (2006-07-06 08:46) [#1814]

Some time ago we agreed on the convention of referring to White as female on SL. Do we want to revisit that agreement?

velobici: gender (2006-07-06 16:17) [#1819]

Revisiting the argument in light of new information would be fine. Unless there is new information, why?

blubb: ((no subject)) (2006-07-07 21:30) [#1821]

That "convention" is confusingly inconsistent with what can be regarded as the philosophical roots of Go, and luckily not used all that much outside SL. Based on a fulltext search, I estimate a little more than a hundred pages (out of 13476) which explicitely make use of such an assignement. I don`t see a reason to further encourage that usage, let alone on an introductory page. Instead, I would rather recommend to skip assigning genders to colors alltogether.

However, since the typical reader of a page like Black or White doesn`t know about that fuss yet, there`s no need to bother him/her with any such recommendation anyway. That is why I simply moved the concerning information, reworded in a more NPOVish way, to the footnote.

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