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reply Batch printing/exporting (2006-05-13 07:22) [#1563]

Hi, I only just started using Drago so I'm not sure if this is already possible, or how.

 I wanted to print out a bunch of problems I got from GoCollections?, except as far as I can figure, I have to print every single problem out on a single page, one at a time.
 Is there a way (and if there isn't I'd suggest one) to print all the tabbed games in one go, and to print them, say, 4 to a page (like you can the normal game)?
I tried "Print all games", but that still printed only the first one, and also I tried the preset style "GoProblems" under styles, all to the same result.

Oh and while I'm at it, I'd also like to see a way to open more than one game at a time, perhaps with "CTRL-select" type of thing?


GillesArcas: Printing collections (2006-05-13 21:12) [#1566]

Drago is designed to handle files, not directories, although these files can be collections including several games, problems or positions. Actually, all features are best used with collection files, for instance problem replaying and printing. Once this said, it appears that there is some need to extend Drago functions to handle directories as collections and this is in the to do list.

Regarding printing collections of files with Drago, the answer is to merge the files into a single collection file and use the Game>All option in the printing dialog.

Merging is done through the File>Collections>Merge command.

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