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reply Resources (2017-09-11 09:32) [#11012]

In case you want to test your theory against known positions that have proven difficult to classify, here are a couple of useful links:

As many others, I too have gone down the road and tried to define an eye. The only two useful definitions I found were "an area that contains a liberty that can only be removed last" (good for teaching the rules) and Bensons definition of unconditional life

Maybe you'll find something else! Happy hunting!


KjeldMathiasPetersen: Thank you (2017-09-11 13:50) [#11013]

Thank you for the links. They look very interesting I think I found some nice property about the double headed dragon and omitting Conner stones.

KjeldMathiasPetersen: Finding properties (2017-09-11 15:21) [#11014]

My first hunt is to identify properties using my method. And with all sorts of examples it could be possible to identify the differences.

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