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maruseru: File format (2006-04-12 16:34) [#1421]

The newsletter is very nice, thank you. I like the Korean perspective. Would it be possible to provide articles in PDF instead of Microsoft Word (.doc) format? For people who use Mac OS X or Linux it's not so easy to open Word files (there are Office applications, but I'd rather not install them - PDF is universal). Thanks.

tderz: Re: 1st issue / File format (2006-04-12 16:58) [#1422]

(1) "We will send the first issue of our newsletter on 06.04.2006."

Is the first issue already out?
I didn't receive it. Perhaps my e-mail address was wrong or I erased the message?

Is it possible to have all issues of GOAMA on the website [ext] itself?

(2) PDF is indeed very attractive (to me). The MS-Word docs can be transformed easily to PDF.

[ext] MS-Word Is Not a Document Exchange Format

Greetings, Tommie

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