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Making go board and stones [#354]

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reply Making go board and stones (2006-03-21 12:57) [#1308]

How to making the simple go board and stones?

X Re: Making go board and stones (2006-12-12 02:02) [#2513]

Interesting, ive learned how to make a goban but I have no idea how to make the stones for go. How do you make go stones?

Phelan: Re: Making go board and stones (2006-12-12 04:07) [#2514]

Please see MakingYourOwnEquipment and MaterialStones. From what I read it doesn't seem easy to make Go stones on your own. You are probably better off buying a set of stones for the goban you made, or using something else you already have as stones.

reply Go stones (2010-02-23 22:05) [#7296]

You could take 2 pieces of wood, slice them down to about 3cm in diameter.

Carve half of the stone in one piece and the other half on the other, make a little hole in them.

Then you melt nickle or something with a low melting temp and fill it in the hole. Take it out and put some black or white paint(the same u use on cars and such).

I will be alot of work but you`ll get it done cheaper then buying stones and theres no chance of chipping and u get about the same feel of the stone as ordinary stones.

best wishes; "Igo crazy"

reply making go stones (2012-07-19 03:44) [#9558]

i just painted some apricot pits. washed them off and painted them with acrylic paint... then paint them with elmer's glue. spending $15 bucks on a cheap set of go stones would have been easier. but they are unique. :)

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