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ajisubarashii: Accuracy check required! (2016-05-11 17:08) [#10721]

Leo?'s recent addition is entertaining. Thank you Leo? for contributing. However, I believe that these Japanese phrases contain quite a few errors in Japanese grammar.

(Bear in mind that I am a native speaker of English, but I'm not a native speaker of Japanese.)

For 4), 6), 7) etc, is 目をする really the most natural translation of "have eyes"? I would have thought 目がある is the best phrase to use. For example, I would translate "Does the dragon have eyes?" as "大石は目がありますか?"

18) is definitely wrong. The direct command "Form a dragon!" cannot be translated as "大石を形成します!", and instead it should be translated as "大石を形成して!" (if the speaker is still trying to retain some politeness) or "大石を形成しろ!" (if the speaker is omitting all politeness and giving a very strong command).

Furthermore, in some of the later sentences, "dragon" is translated as "竜" and even "龍", rather than "大石". This will just confuse the english speakers reading this page who are trying to learn the Japanese.

I did not check every sentence, but these are the things which stood out at a quick glance.

This page really really needs to be checked for accuracy, preferably by someone who is a native speaker of both Japanese and English.


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