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kmr: 6d? (2015-12-09 18:51) [#10640]

according to this: [ext] i have strong suspicion that she was promoted to 6d?What do you think guys?

billybones: Re: 6d? (2015-12-09 18:56) [#10641]

That seems pretty convincing. I say update it.

tapir: Re: 6d? (2015-12-09 19:15) [#10642]

1) It is a wiki. Just edit when you find a mistake, someone else hopefully corrects, if you are wrong.

2) You are wrong. :( The page clearly says 五段 as in 5 dan. (The 6 is the number of titles won afaik.)

kmr: Re: 6d? (2015-12-09 19:18) [#10643]

So this is number of titles?!Haha, i thought its dan rank :D.Good to have ppl who speaks jp ^^.

tapir: Re: 6d? (2015-12-09 19:24) [#10644]

I don't speak Japanese. I just figured out the numbers 1 to 9 and the symbol for dan by looking at tons of professional profile pages. I.e. you can do too and update all the pages here without even knowing Japanese. Cool, huh :D

billybones: Re: 6d? (2015-12-09 21:47) [#10645]

Then I guess it's a good thing we didn't edit it ;p

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