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MySandwichIsMissingHam: Nonsense (2015-11-27 19:02) [#10628]

1. The fact that there are fewer female than male players is not indicative of discrimination. It's indicative of fewer females than males knowing of/enjoying the game. They're simply doing something else with their time.

The fact that fewer boys than girls are fans of Justin Bieber is also not evidence of discrimination against males, it's evidence of better taste.

2. Even if "stereotypical prizes" had been given out at Women's WAGC, that would still be more prizes than were given out at just about any other open tournament (and let's not forget that there are no men-only tournaments). What's with that excessive feeling of entitlement?

fractic: Re: Nonsense (2015-11-28 19:33) [#10636]

While you claim to just be sticking to the facts, you essentially replaced one bias by your own bias. It is frankly ridiculous that you put on the page in bold font that there is no indictation of gender discrimination in professional go, while on the very same page is a photo of a female professional protesting it.

Now no matter what your opinion on the inciting incident is, it clearly shows there is at the very least perception of gender discrimination.

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Forum for Gender Discrimination in Go
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