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OscarBear: Library work (2014-07-03 09:46) [#10180]

Is there an easy way to see all the pages which are in the progress of a WME - wiki master edit. I bet that, SL being SL, some have been stuck in this state for years. We ought to have a sort of project page to encourage us all to go through them.

tapir: Re: Library work (2014-07-03 09:55) [#10181]

Library Work

OscarBear: Re: Library work (2014-07-03 15:01) [#10182]

That is funny. My subject matched the actual page name. Maybe I should pretend this was an undercover page churn technique.

tapir: Re: Library work (2014-07-03 21:42) [#10183]

Yes, I was for a moment wondering whether you are trolling us as "to be master edited" obviously is the first entry in "library work" :)

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