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oren: Becoming Pro (2012-06-09 23:08) [#9487]

"Then I take a special foreigner’s test at the Kansai Ki-in, which involves beating 2 1 dan pro players as black without komi."

I think you're making a big assumption that things are similar to the way they've been in the past. Previously I believe Manfred Wimmer and James Kerwin got to be professionals in Japan without going through the standard professional exam. No one since then has done that and the organizations and budgets have changed a lot. You're much too old to get in through the standard test.

tapir: Re: Becoming Pro (2012-06-10 01:50) [#9488]

I think it is a big assumption too, but there are more recent examples (Li Ting or Hong Malgunsem). Personally I wouldn't worry at all about becoming professional before I hit 6 dan, which I didn't, and even then you would still need major improvement to make it.

oren: ((no subject)) (2012-06-10 03:54) [#9489]

tapir, thanks for the info. I was unfamiliar with these professionals. Hong's story I can understand, since he won quite a bit of amateur tournaments in Japan. I wonder how Li got pro status in Japan.

As you say, the only important thing is to get strong. I just wouldn't count on any professional organization simply allowing you to play a couple games and become a member of their organization. Winning the WAGC is a good first step.

Hal9666: ((no subject)) (2012-06-11 01:03) [#9491]

There is a link right next to the line you quoted. [ext]

And a link within that article about Li Ting. [ext]

oren: Re: ((no subject)) (2012-06-11 19:11) [#9493]

Yes, but you don't know any of the background of why the Kansai Kiin chose to do it. Hong had been living in Japan for an extended period of time and won many tournaments. Assuming the blog is correct without any information from Kansai Kiin is optimistic.

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