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reply Drago in Ubuntu using wine (2012-05-20 05:55) [#9385]

Hi Gilles,

I have used Drago in Ubuntu using Wine for a year or two and it has worked great for me! This week I tried the latest portable version and it crashes on startup about 75% of the time with the error "Runtime error 217 at 00411392".

I understand that fixing this may not be a top priority, but figured I would post and see if there are any others facing this issue. :-)

Update: I discovered I can run portable Drago 4.21 if I open a terminal, cd to the directory where I put Drago and run "wine Drago.exe". But if I run the program by right-clicking the exe file in the file manager click "Open with Wine Windows Program Launcher" it crashes every time. Also, if I exit the program after launching it from the command line, I have to wait approx. 5-10 seconds before trying to launch the program again, otherwise I receive the same crash.


GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2012-05-20 08:08) [#9386]

Could be a problem with Wine, could be also a problem with paths. In that case, this could occur also on Windows and the error address should help. I will have no time to analyze further for the coming week. I will try to find the error location when coming back. Thanks for reporting.

reply Moderate success using Wine 1.6 (2013-08-07 03:28) [#9824]

I have just tried using the portable Drago with Linux Mint using wine 1.6. Drago itself seemed to run fine. I was able to access problems and folders of problems. The only difficulty I had was GnuGo wouldn't run (GnuGo kept giving errors). The Aya engine played, but it played very poorly (I am a bad player, and even I could tell it was making mistakes). I haven't had a chance to try the other engines yet.

One tip; in Windows (if you can), download the various go engines and save/install them in a sub-folder in the Drago folder (I made an "Engines" sub-directory). Configure Drago to use those engines, and close Drago. Then open Drago.ini file in a text editor and change the file paths to the engine exe's to be relative paths. For example. I had the line:

4=Aya 6.34;Aya;C:\Users\Sam\Desktop\PortableDrago0421?\Engines\aya634e\Aya.exe;;0;0;0;5

Change the line so the file path is relative instead of absolute:

4=Aya 6.34;Aya;.\Engines\aya634e\Aya.exe;;0;0;0;5

Do that for every engine and that way the engines will be much more portable. This seems to work just fine in Windows with Aya, GnuGo and MoGo.

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