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jared: Looks very nice! (2005-10-09 02:08) [#59]

Looks very nice!

I like the game tree display. Game index is good too.

One bug: English user opens index from menu without a file selected -- gets French error message.

One suggestion: Is there a way to automate replay? So we can just sit back and watch? Like shift-click on KGS?

ArnoHollosi: (moved) Slowman's wishes (2005-10-09 08:02) [#62]

Slowman:Seems very nice, I use it as my primary editor, but (1) i don't know how to cut (or delete) wrong variation or game tree. (2) white stone is unclear (2nd bitmap)

Gilles : (1) Do you mean deleting a whole branch? This feature will be included in next release (1.43, 30/04). (2) Do you mean this one?

It comes from Jago and I use it with permission. Actually, it is best on dark backgrounds.

Slowman: (1) Not only whole variation, but all nodes from current one. (2) It's not this one. I think default background with 2nd bitmap of stones. I selected another one, so its ok :) I think about auto review by real time (BL & WL) :o) It might be very nice option.

Gilles : Added to the whish list. Implies auto review without handling time properties.

Slowman: My wishes ;)

  • deleting works well, might be on spin button ;)
  • Navigation by arrows may be more natural (left&right to change variation, up&down to change number of move)
  • Sometimes is useful (trivial) score estimator

Gilles: >spin button< Propose me a bitmap :). >more natural< You're right, more coherent with game tree, will be done as option. >score estimator< If GnuGo is set as the game engine, you can use the Play>Score menu to get its score estimation for the current position.

Slowman: I don't know about proper bitmap ;) Friend asked me about inserting moves. (when he forget some moves in game record) Examle of my user settings of layout: :o)

Gilles : next version will enable to configure independently color or texture background for coordinate border, window and game tree. Not really usefull but I like to test a lot of configuration. Regarding move insertion, it is true, first that it is sometime necessary, and 2nd that it is not possible without editing the sgf file. Added to the wish list.

(moved from Drago/Discussion)

reply Re: Looks very nice! (2005-10-09 23:09) [#73]

One bug: Ok, I get it, fixed in next version. Thanks.

One suggestion: automate replay. Already suggested with real time option (slowman). Put on the top of the wish list.

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