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Engine options question and 2 suggestions [#2794]

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reply Engine options question and 2 suggestions (2012-05-03 19:32) [#9363]

Hi Gilles,

can you explain the engine options of the config file? 1=Fuego 1.1;Fuego;C:\Go-Engines\fuego\fuego.exe;;1943;1;1;10 So what is 1943, 1, 1 and 10 here?

Suggestion 1: Can we have user defined calculation time for engine move suggestion? Currently no time command is sent via gtp: reg_genmove b SgRandom?::SetSeed?: 1336065863 SgDefaultTimeControl?: timeLeft=10/1 remaining=1 timeMove=10

Suggestion 2: Would you please make use of "%appdata%" - the typical place! Currently it seems you want to write into %programfiles(x86)%\drago\ which is typically not possible if not admin. Windows then writes to "%userprofile%\AppData?\Local\VirtualStore?\Program Files (x86)\Drago\" - which may be confusing for many... EDIT: question marks in the path are made by the software here...

Thanks Michael

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2012-05-03 23:54) [#9364]

Engine options, 4 last values: availability of engine features, is engine used for game?, is engine used for analysis, level (irrelevant if not supported)

Availability of engine features are encoded in a bit field. From least to most significant bit: Undo, FixedHandicap, FreeHandicap, ScoreEstimate, MoveSuggestion, InfluenceRegion, GroupStatus, Timing, DetailedResults, FinalScore, LoadSgf.

Suggestion1: Imposing a time limitation for move suggestion seems to be a good idea. However, it is not really useful for GnuGo which answers very quickly. In the case of Fuego, it seems to be a problem with the loadsgf command. This can be checked by launching Fuego in the command line.

Suggestion2: I must check this one further. Drago writes either in the install folder or in the temp folder. I would have thought that if you can install somewhere, the installed program can write there. There is also the possibility to use the portable version and install it in a place with write access.

Note: you can remove the question marks by prefixing the words with "!", see TextFormattingRules.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2012-05-04 12:11) [#9365]

"I would have thought that if you can install somewhere, the installed program can write there."

uhhhh.... No. Usually you or someone else installs the program as an admin, but when you or someone else uses it, that is without being admin and without write access to the obvious program folder where the program resides.

Also for multiuser reasons, ms offers HKCU in registry or %userprofile%\appdata\ in the file system for the configuration stuff.

reply ((no subject)) (2012-05-04 12:57) [#9366]

Another suggestion: You show the next move variations on board, as dimmed stones. I there are many, the board looks condusing I think. Instead, could you maybe display letters - on board as well as in the variations tree?

X Re: ((no subject)) (2012-05-04 13:00) [#9367]

Oh, there's already an option for that, sorry!

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