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GillesArcas: Drago 4.21 beta release (2012-04-29 22:55) [#9353]

Drago 4.21 is available as a beta release [ext] here.

This version fixes a problem with warning message boxes and adds 3 features requested here or at L19:

  • full screen mode
  • timing only for game engines
  • possibility to insert a node with no move in the game tree

The final release will be available when the translation files and the help files will be updated. Additional testing and comments welcome!

reply ((no subject)) (2012-04-30 06:39) [#9354]

Thank you! Why do you add a Virus scanning report? For a newly compiled file we know, it's completely useless. If you're doing this for the computer illiterate people - fine. But for those who "understand computers" ;-) you achieve the opposite.

GillesArcas: Re: ((no subject)) (2012-04-30 08:27) [#9356]

Well. At least, we are sure it is free from any known threats which could have been accidentally added after compilation. If you have in mind the possibility of some malware code inserted on purpose, I can only propose you to rely on your firewall and a confidence network. Re: ((no subject)) (2012-04-30 18:00) [#9359]

OK, that is true. Also, for checking 3rd party libraries which you may have included.

reply ((no subject)) (2012-04-30 07:17) [#9355]

What is your experience with Gnugo? If I use it at level 10, "engine only" timing settings and 30 seconds per move, it always replies almost instantly. OK, then I started a match with Gnugo level 40 at the same settings: But Gnugo does not reply in time then.. Hmmm.

EDIT: It's strange. You can do whatever you want. My Gnugo does always reply within 2 seconds if it's at level 10. It's using the default command line. I don't understand this. If I use GoGui, level 10 does not respond in 2 seconds.

GillesArcas: Re: ((no subject)) (2012-04-30 08:30) [#9357]

Maximum level proposed by GnuGo is 10. The entered value is not checked by Drago nor by GnuGo itself. You can verify the dialog between Drago and GnuGo by opening the GTP window. Good idea to check with GoGui, I will do the same. Re: ((no subject)) (2012-04-30 17:58) [#9358]

At level 10: Whatever the timing settings are, gnugo replies within 2 seconds, no matter how crowded the board is. Re: ((no subject)) (2012-05-03 12:30) [#9362]

Gnugo binaries from [ext] do not respect time_settings at all.

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