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Default stones too "grey" [#2782]

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reply Default stones too "grey" (2012-04-10 17:50) [#9325]


I think the white stones in stones\default\ are too grey. With XNviews batch processing, I made them lighter (contrast +35, gamma +1,4) - now they are better. I recommend to do that as well. With xnview, the transparency will remain...


GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2012-04-10 23:38) [#9326]

Very interesting! Putting the stone images outside the program enables experiments like that. Here is the comparison:

Not sure for the moment if I should add the adjusted stones to the distribution or link them in the resources page (or replace the current ones). Here is the xnview script:

#start of xnview script (adjust.xbs for instance)
gamma( 1.40 )
contrast( 35 )
settings( 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 )
output( png 0 6 )
#end of script

Thanks for sharing.

reply ((no subject)) (2016-03-18 05:42) [#10688]

I again ran into this. I made white stones whiter and black stones darker. I am very pleased with the result: [ext]

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