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reply Couple of requests (2012-04-09 04:27) [#9320]


There are 2 things I would like:

1) Option to display ko intersection. If there is an active ko, then it would be nice to draw that that intersection with a special indication. For example, see CGoban.

2) There does not seem to be a way to enter multiple initial starting positions under the same move tree. What I mean is, consider the case where you are entering problems from a book. You want to just edit in the initial position of each problem, and for each one, add all the different variations.

However, it seems there is only one initial position, and that is the root node. In the game tree this is indicated with a solid-filled grey circle. What I'm asking for, in essence, is the ability to have MANY of these root nodes under the same tree. Consider for example the following SGF:


If you load this into Drago, it actually displays correctly, with 5 individual blank nodes under the root node. But there is no way to CREATE this structure with Drago, which is what i want.

If I am missing it and there is in fact a way to do this with Drago, please advise.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2012-04-09 23:14) [#9321]

Not sure for the ko marker but the second request is definitely missing. Will be added to the next release.

reply ((no subject)) (2012-04-10 03:53) [#9323]

Awesome, thanks.

Btw is something wrong with the changelog? It says 4.2 was released in march 2011 but on this forum there are posts from 2012 saying it's about to be released.

When i first saw the changelog, it made me think that with over 1 year since last update, the project had probably been abandoned

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2012-04-10 07:39) [#9324]

The best way for me to be sure a feature is to be implemented in the next release is to add it in the release note draft. Doing so I have seen the typo and I have corrected the web page some hours ago. Thanks for reporting.

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