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tapir: Spam (2012-01-31 13:20) [#9249]

The amount of spam is pretty limited, but see Iva? and Vivian? and our sister wikis which are drowned in spam for lack of maintenance. It escaped our notice because it was presented as homepage.

X Re: Spam (2012-01-31 14:18) [#9250]

Bob McGuigan: Based on what you have pointed out about the two of them having the same link I would say they are spam. It is also noteworthy that both pages use women's names and both supposedly are from the UK. At least delete the links just in the unlikely case that the links were added by a spammer to genuine pages.

tapir: Re: Spam (2012-01-31 16:26) [#9251]

The links aren't later additions to the homepages. Someone just updated the spam-links that were in place since mid-2011. I now unlinked them and will remove them later, just leaving them in place for some hours for everyone having a chance to take notice of the problem.

dkiller: spamish link (2012-08-15 21:00) [#9581]

It looks that [ext] is very poor content it should not referenced into this wiki

tapir: Re: spamish link (2012-08-16 00:15) [#9582]

Go related content is generally welcome. This however looks more like the original page was taken over and reduced to some remnants with spamlinks added to it. It was once the genuine page of Li Yue and Li Ang as you can see in Please go forward in dereferencing.

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