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GillesArcas: Regarding: Drago (2005-10-09 00:51) [#55]

Hello, any comment, suggestion, feedback, question will be welcome here!

X Re: Regarding: Drago (2006-07-24 10:28) [#1933]


Drago is an excellent piece of software. I'd really like an auto-playback feature with a move every couple of seconds and the ability for the auto-playback to stop when it reaches a comment.

Otherwise well done. Re: Regarding: Drago (2011-12-18 01:36) [#9129]

No content

Zinger: most excellent! (2006-06-26 20:23) [#1754]

Just ran Drago for the first time. Excellent work! I will probably end up using this as my default SGF editor. I have been using glGo, which is also very good, but does not have as many export functions.

Nice job :)

tderz: appraisal (2006-06-27 15:29) [#1755]


''I liked Drago before, yet was convinced only kombilo could export wiki-style ASCII:

very nice is the coordinate range which one can address in Drago (here T19:K10) Merci beaucoup Gilles!

Still one could need a slight adaption (for Drago), e.g. kombilo allows beforehand (before export that is) to specify that O means White and X means Black , that | is an edge etc., which all could be different on another Wiki. Drago starts much faster than kombilo on my computer, most probable because I have too many SGF double in several folders and kombilo has to go through them during start-up.

Kombilo could be improved by the coordinate range specifier for indicating the (quadratical until now; wished: any rectangle for sides) part of the board one wants to display.''

GillesArcas: Export to ASCII settings (2006-08-01 23:22) [#1993]

specify that O means White and X means Black

Open Export position dialog and select ASCII. When clicking on the little "+" button, you can select some settings for exporting in ASCII, including characters for the stone, with default values for rgg and SL. It could be what you are looking for.

reply Drago + MoGo on Windows 7 (2010-12-23 11:15) [#8189]

I had a problem getting the two to work together on Win7 64 bit - abnormal termination of the MoGo engine. Having solved it I thought it would be a good idea to post the answer here.

If you run mogo.exe directly (i.e. double-click mogo.exe), Windows pops up a dialog asking for permission. This has a checkbox "Always ask before opening this file". Clear it, run Mogo then close it.

For me that was enough to enable to Drago to use MoGo.


GillesArcas: Re: Drago + MoGo on Windows 7 (2011-01-09 17:58) [#8231]

Added to [ext] Drago engine page. Thanks for reporting.

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