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tapir: Comprehensibility (2011-12-09 16:14) [#8956]

It is hilarious how you explain one term, by another even less intuitive one. Is it so difficult to add two examples of "fighting kos" that highlight the difference between internal/external and to mark what you call locale in them? Or is this a part of expertise that you actually don't want people to understand?

RobertJasiek: ((no subject)) (2011-12-09 18:00) [#8962]

I have tried to explain you twice before that it is NOT a matter of my willingness of (not) explaining (yet) but a matter of having enough time for my regular work. I can spend only a limited amount of time on internet forums.

Explaining external / internal ko on the expert level so that also every non-expert can immediately understand the contents requires several hours of creating a PDF and a few more hours of SL editing. It starts with the basics presumed for the Basic Ko Types paper: there are open or closed kos. Since SL does not seem to explain these basic terms (the ko is currently open for the player, called the open player, who can connect it; closed for the other player, called the closed player), you might as well read Counting Liberties and Winning Capturing Races, where open and closed were introduced. Next you need to understand that a ko is, for the sake of my two related papers, considered in both possible open / closed states. For each of these, either player is considered whether he can fulfil some of the paper's definitions (such as possibly being a closed killer).

To really understand the External Ko paper, I recommend to understand the Basic Ko Types paper first because the former is an enhancement of the latter.

You can also study Ing rules booklets for some history and World Mind Sports 2008 Rules / supplementary ko rule for current application relevance.

If you want me to explain it in all detail here before third persons do it, you will have to wait some years until I can afford to take time.

Oh, and if you don't understand the relevance of inside versus outside, simply compare territory with a neutral region.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2011-12-09 18:33) [#8964]

Ok. If it isn't willingness then it is ability. Honestly, I am not asking for what you call an "expert level explanation" but

  1. an example of 1 internal ko and 1 external ko where the "locale" is marked
  2. a single sentence why this distinction is important

Both would have been possible to add in the time you spent for correcting my edit.

RobertJasiek: ((no subject)) (2011-12-09 18:58) [#8965]

Oh, you are interested only in trivialities. That is easy enough, although I first need to learn how markup at SL works... Time taken: 14 minutes. That is about thrice as much as for writing the previous message in this discussion or correcting your edit.

tapir: Re: ((no subject)) (2011-12-09 19:43) [#8966]

These trivialities are what makes people see the relevance and context of the term, even if they don't fully appreciate them. Thank you.

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