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reply 2-2 defense (2011-12-09 14:42) [#8954]

Could you please add an explanation about this issue: After W invades 3-3 (B has only 4-4), B plays 2-2 as a defense in order to keep the corner (no discussion why this is good or bad, just assuming B wants to defend.) Assuming no other B or W stones around.

- Can W survive? How? - And more general, assuming not further stones around: Can B kill W's 3-3 invasion in principle, assuming perfect play of B?

tapir: Re: 2-2 defense (2011-12-09 16:01) [#8955]

That isn't a defence but just a bad move. White just don't have to get obsessed with killing the 22 stone, but extend to the outside on one of the 3-4 points. Re: 2-2 defense (2011-12-09 17:39) [#8960]

Assuming no other stones around, Black cannot kill the 33 invasion. Black has no better move than blocking and allowing white to live.

For your specific question, see 33PointInvasion/Discussion. --Hyperpape

reply Re: 2-2 defense (2011-12-09 22:39) [#8968]

Thanks a lot for the helpful clarifications.

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