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Sebastian: Make your own stones... (2011-05-28 23:28) [#8501]

(The following discussion has been moved from the article page:)

Ender: Does anyone know of a walkthrough somewhere or have an idea of how to make your own stones from the slate and clam raw materials? I would imagine that it would be much less expensive than buyin them pre crafted...

jshriver I'd also like to know. If you can email me a link, or book title. jshriver <at>

Malweth: This seems like a daunting task! One or two stones might be possible, but unless you have some previous stoneworking (and shellcrafting) ability, this will likely cost much more than buying them... simply because (as a beginner) one's bound to use about 10 times the materials.

C.S.Graves: Not to mention the time it would take to craft a full set. It's probably more worth your while to shell out (heh heh) the money for a set made by experienced craftsmen than to spend countless tedious hours trying to make your own for the first time. I'd rather save my time by spending money than save money by spending a lot of time.

If you're treating it as a learning experience and don't mind the extra expense, go for it! You're bound to get something you're proud of (and likely quite frustrated with ;)

Jared: Yes, you will most likely have to purchase the tools of the trade too. Such as: grinder, coarse - fine bits, polish...

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