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sgf - filenames visible in database /collection ? - copy branch ? [#2557]

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reply sgf - filenames visible in database /collection ? - copy branch ? (2011-05-20 13:21) [#8467]

first of all thank you so much for Drago ! I love this editor and use it all the time !

- I wonder if, for files loaded via database, or via folder, once we view one single game we could see the original sgf-filename somewhere ? instead of seeing it is the number x of the collection or database, we would know which file this x is ? or is this visible somewhere already in Drago ?

- another feature exists perhaps, but I did not find it out : how to copy one branch ? example kogo's joseki, choose one branch, and make a file of it :)

(could be an export position feature - if saving the move-sequence could be an option)

thank you !

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2011-05-23 21:29) [#8478]

The name of the files in databases or folders is displayed in the caption bar. Is this what you need?

Copying a branch is definitely missing. Will be added to next release.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2011-05-23 21:50) [#8479]

thank you so much !! yes, I am a small-window-freak :)) now I notice it ! it helps so much !

and again, thank you for giving us your excellent Drago !

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