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reply Variation (2011-04-27 10:35) [#8438]

Hey, and sorry if my question is very dumb, but why doesn't white hane at 5? (would be great if you could post a variation in which the possible results and outgoings get shown)


(Naturally, the top left of the diagram should be a corner)

At 5, white plays hane instead of a (which would be the normal juseki).

I played through some variations, but most of the time, white controlled the whole situation after playing 5.

Thanks a lot!

X Re: Variation (2011-04-27 13:51) [#8439]

Check out Unkx80's posting on this page: [ext] Re: Variation (2011-04-27 14:26) [#8440]

This is just the answer I was looking for! Thanks a lot :-)

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