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reply portable version of Drago (2011-04-25 22:49) [#8433]

Dear Mr. Gilles Arcas,

I would like to make a portable version of the Go game for the very popular website [ext] This portable version is based on the standards of this website. To this end, I have selected your Windows freeware application Drago. As Drago is freeware but not Open Source software, I have the following request to you:

Would you give me the permission, that I can develop a portable version of the Go game using your Windows freeware application Drago?

For your kind reply I would like to thank at this point.

Best regards

Andreas Piatek

GillesArcas: Permission granted (2011-04-26 23:08) [#8437]

As stated in the license (in about box), permission is granted to anyone to distribute the program provided the package is not modified and the copyright is preserved. Note that a portable version is available on the web site.

After downloading from your site and updating one of the utilities I use (thanks!), I see you have a custom package. It's ok to package and distribute Drago with the same conditions.

Contact me by email gilles_arcas at hotmail dot com if any question.

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