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can the "influence area" shows all the time. [#2455]

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reply can the "influence area" shows all the time. (2010-12-08 08:31) [#8170]

we can use F2 to show influence regions (menu: play->show influence regions), but it is troublesome to press F2 everytime to show the regions during the game.

hope it be a mode to show it, like turn it ON, show the regions all the time. when OFF, show the regions when press F2.

i find the Handtalk V software from a website, it has this function. suppose it is not too difficult and hope can realize it in next version of Drago.

truly, Drago is the only UI in my computer. hope it gets better and better. thanks.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-12-12 23:30) [#8175]

Yes, displaying influence regions automatically for each move would be nice to have. Unfortunately, the way it is done is time consuming:

  • launch GnuGo
  • send the whole sgf file
  • send the influence region command
  • and display the result.

I am already working on some other features and I have to delay the work required to make the current working more efficient. It would be nice to have however, one additional reason being it would enable also to display the score for each move.

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