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Request: Recent Changes / Online Go -> / Digital World? [#2431]

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reply Request: Recent Changes / Online Go -> / Digital World? (2010-11-03 00:08) [#8087]

RueLue: I think, it would make sens to change the title of the page Recent Changes / Online Go to Recent Changes / Digital World or .../ Mathematical World. It would then show all changes of pages referring to programs, informatics, online-go, game theory/mathematics etc. (.../Online Go would then only be an alias for the new page)

tapir: Re: Request: Recent Changes / Online Go -> / Digital World? (2010-11-03 00:12) [#8088]

it works by keywords, as those are limited it would be about renaming, and including e.g. software pages, but we don't have mathematics etc. keywords.

ArnoHollosi: remove alltogether? (2010-11-11 09:54) [#8114]

Actually, I think the /OnlineGo and /All subpages should be removed.

They were a simplistic tool, when there was much editing for those types of pages. Nowadays it only leads to confusion. I think that the RC filters can do the job quite nicely, for those users who don't like to see those pages.

tapir: Re: remove alltogether? (2010-11-10 23:39) [#8117]

I agree. It is rarely more than 50 edits a day nowadays, which is easily seen at a glance. Re: remove alltogether? (2011-10-03 15:27) [#8802]

Agreed. I filed a mistaken bug report about this just morning. --Hyperpapeterie

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