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tapir: ((no subject)) (2010-09-11 23:11) [#7994]

I am seeing a lot of grumpy icons from you at L19 recently. Was never the intention to frustrate you. Maybe a simple comment next to the uncommon shapes will do the trick. I personally just want to prevent DDK from learning those uncommon shapes by heart, as opposed to the important shapes like L-groups, J-group, tripod group etc. pp. where learning by heart is not so bad, after all.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2011-04-11 16:23) [#8399]

What puzzles me is why some people are puzzling about the best rules for Go? Why are you? :)

willemien: why thinking about rules? (2011-04-11 17:29) [#8400]
  • I just like it :-)
  • I find it interesting. (what are the rules of the game)
  • I am (still) busy with solving 7x7 go and then you need too know the rules. (sometimes crazy situations uccur and then what do you do with them?)
axd: Re: ((no subject)) (2011-04-12 19:33) [#8401]

I'd like to add my POV - my concern and quest for rules is that I tell newcomers that the rules of Go are piece of cake. But they aren't, complications lie hidden in dark corners (sic) (complications that newcomers dont't need to know about anyway), but in a way you end up lying against newcomers.

Especially when the rules could be simple(r) (or more complete, or less demanding on referees, ...).

tapir: Re: ((no subject)) (2011-04-12 22:57) [#8402]

Isn't all the go rules business about avoiding one void result among thousands of played games?

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