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uxs: Tournament started. (2006-01-02 22:41) [#803]

I received 1 invitation, disputed it because of a wrong komi, and sent out 18 more of my own.

Just trying to be clear: is there an agreed procedure on what happens when the invitation isn't accepted or at least disputed in a timely fashion ?

Walin: ((no subject)) (2006-01-02 22:53) [#804]

No there is not. What would you suggest?

I think it'll be clear after 3 months if there's games not started yet, to whom they should be awarded. If there's any doubt we can always say it's a tie.

Disputes are bit more problematic, let's hope there'll be not too many of those that the two players can't resolve themselves.

Calvin: unstarted games (2006-03-04 04:10) [#1247]

Actually, I (snorer) just sent out three of my invitations now, since I just noticed that not all my games were running and I didn't get invitations from my opponents. I would have done this earlier, but I forgot and I didn't get any administrative message that these hadn't been started yet. Oops. Is this is a problem?

Calvin: Re: unstarted games (2006-03-08 06:01) [#1270]

Well, since no one has objected and my invitations were accepted, I assume this is okay since it is okay with my opponents.

reply Handicap games procedure (2006-01-04 15:16) [#810]

How does one place handicap stones in a tournament game? I've got a game to start against Alexandre Duprat (alexandre) and am unable to submit a starting position for Black. There is no "Submit" button on the game page; just a message saying "Place your handicap stones, please!" When I place my stones no "Submit" button appears. What do I need to do to get this games started?

Thanks, Ron

X Re: Handicap games procedure (2006-01-04 19:58) [#816]


You mean [ext] this game?

You are playing in the open tournament and that means there should be no handicap. This game should be deleted and you need to invite Alexandre (or he should invite you) with the proper options, as listed in [ext] Rules - Open.


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