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AotW updates, who's available? [#2329]

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HermanHiddema: AotW updates, who's available? (2010-07-21 12:12) [#7822]

I have recently had very little time, as I have just moved to a new city and started a new job. Now I saw that unkx80 asked for others to help updating the AotW.

I have more time again, so I will start updating AotW again as well, but this fall I will be traveling around China for three months, so I definitely won't have time to update it.

It would be good if other editors (other than unkx80, tapir and myself) could lend a hand as well!

If anyone is interested in helping out, please respond! It really isn't too much work, it just needs to be done regularly and reliably :-)

FrancoisVanNiekerk: Automation (2010-07-21 13:35) [#7823]

Is it not maybe possible to automate such a thing? Then someone only needs to update a queue that can push new articles for a few weeks before any intervention is required.

I am willing to help with programming if needed, but I have no idea where such a thing would reside.

This is more a long term solution, not suggesting it'll be ready in the near future.

tapir: Re: Automation (2010-07-21 21:13) [#7824]

Just 3 times copy & paste at a random time at monday isn't such a big tedious work not to be done easily. The problem is the number of persons involved in preparing the queue (tidying up the prospective feature etc.)

Unkx80: Nobody cares? (2010-09-02 03:26) [#7963]

With respect to tapir's recent changes comment "nobody cares?" on August 31, I have to say that I am currently unavailable for any SL tasks. I am presently in Toronto attending a conference, and I don't always have Internet access while here. I would be available when I return home.

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