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golearner: Question on markup undo for drago (2010-07-20 23:07) [#7821]

I've been using drago for a bit, and it's really a great program. However, I've made the same mistake a few times which I would like to be able to undo.

Basically, when marking up a diagram with letters, a mistaken click on one of the letters will erase it, and move the other letters up. (So, if you forget to switch to the move tool, and click on 'a', then 'b' will become 'a', 'c' will become 'b', and so on.) It's not too bad when you've only got a,b,c on the board, but try this when you've put a-z on the board, with comments already written for each letter!

UNDO wants to undo a move, but doesn't undo the markup change.

Is there a shortcut key or other method to undo a mistaken markup change as described?



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