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Real Life Examples in High Level Games? [#231]

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Nachtrabe: Real Life Examples in High Level Games? (2005-12-31 01:54) [#791]

Since either player can opt not to play this sequence and neither is happy if the ladder doesn't work for him/her, then this sequence should never occur. This would then be why there are unlikely to be real-life examples in high-level games.

Later it says:

As a comment on the unexplored joseki concept, it is probably the case that many analyses were published, but the move was played in few (maybe no) high-profile pro games.

We should probably start trying to keep editorial comments off of information pages.

A quick search on Gobase (not precisely comprehensive) reveals that it was played in the game between Kobayashi Satoru, 9p and Liu Xiaoguang, 9p in the 13th Fujitsu Cup, June 2000. It was played several more times through the 80s, including a game between Kobayashi Reiko, 6p and Takiguchi Isoko, 5p for the 5th Women's Kakusei (July 1983), where black would have the ladder (were they to play the way mentioned here), but white ends up winning by a significant amount.

It may be "rare," "experimental," "special case," or even "refuted" professionally, but that doesn't warrant comments on how it is "unlikely" in high level games or how it should "never occur."

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