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reply ((no subject)) (2010-05-03 20:49) [#7687]

Lee Sedol is the most common way to transcribe his name in English. Also the page includes way too many subjective opinions.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2010-05-03 22:38) [#7689]

I agree the name of this article should be changed to Lee Sedol, similarly for Lee Chang Ho (who even calls himself that on his website [ext] Regarding subjective opinions, they are welcome on Sensei's Library (unless misrepresented as fact), this is not Wikipedia.

Phelan: ((no subject)) (2010-05-03 22:19) [#7688]

Could you be more specific? Which ones do you consider to be subjective?

Also, this is a wiki, so if something is just plain wrong, you can edit it yourself.

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