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reply Wrong translation (2010-04-20 12:11) [#7662]

There are some minor mistakes in the Result box.

The standard Chinese version of "White wins by resignation" should be "白中盘胜" instead of "白方胜 由认输"


"Black wins by resignation" should be "黑中盘胜" instead of "黑方胜 由认输".

"White wins on time" should be "白超时胜" not "白方胜 准时". "Black wins on time" "黑超时胜" not "黑方胜 准时".

BTW: Drago is an excellent freeware.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-04-22 21:04) [#7673]

Thanks (for praise and remark). Transmitted to Chinese translator.

GillesArcas: Chinese translation updated. (2010-04-30 21:58) [#7684]


the problem comes from the fact the translation of "Black wins by resignation" is made of the concatenation of the translations for "Black wins" and "by resignation". This seems to be inappropriate for Chinese.

Here is the comments of Chinese translator:


I've found where the problem is. It's these strings:

;-- Game result string

Black wins=黑方胜

White wins=白方胜

by resignation=由认输

on time=准时

The suggestion of is correct. The meaning of "Black wins, by resignation" should be "黑中盘胜", not "黑方胜 由认输". But the problem is, "黑中盘胜" is a single sentence with four characters, where the first character means "black", and the last one means "win". Whereas "Black wins, by resignation" is two sentences with "wins" in the second position. and there're a free combination of the above four string resources, it can be "Black wins, by resignation", or "White wins, by resignation", or "Black wins, on time" or "White wins, on time". So this makes the translation really difficult.

Now I updated the translation a little bit. Please check the attachment. In Chinese I translated "Black wins" into "黑" (Black), "by resignation" into "中盘胜" (wins, by resignation), This is a little bit different with the original sentence, but I hope it can work under Chinese UI. And could you ask what's the better translation for "Black wins, by forfeit"? (I think there should be a better translation)


The updated translation is available at [ext] before being added to the next release.

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