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Unable to set extra parameters for fuego [#2253]

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reply Unable to set extra parameters for fuego (2010-04-04 23:18) [#7605]

I have fuego configured as an engine. The path to the executable is: C:\Games\fuego-svn1071\fuego.exe

I want to set additional parameters so I click the [...] button and put this line in: -config C:\Games\fuego-svn1071\fuegoconfig.gtp

Clicking ok gives the following error message: "Engine not able to start. Check path or parameters"

How can I set parameters for fuego? The config file contains these settings that I'd like to use: uct_param_player ponder 1 uct_param_player reuse_subtree 1 uct_param_search lock_free 1 uct_param_search number_threads 4

I'm using Drago 4.01.

BR Johan

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-04-05 22:19) [#7611]

Hi Johan, check the full command line in a console window. If ok, try to remove the engine and define it again. When testing your config file, I met the problem without understanding where it came from. If you are still not able to make it work, contact me directly.

By the way, if you use time settings, you should add -quiet to the command line. Tracing is included in the available time and can lead to a loss on time.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2010-06-27 06:51) [#7787]

Same problem here. My config file is fuego.conf:

uct_param_search number_threads 2 uct_param_search lock_free 1 uct_param_player reuse_subtree 1

I can start the engine in a console window use command:

fuego -config fuego.conf

But in Drago with parameters "-config fuego.conf", I got "Engine not able to start. Check path or parameters".

I had open the gtp window, everything seemed ok there.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-06-29 23:33) [#7788]

Try another port for Windows there: [ext] . It seems to fix some issues with parameters.

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