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reply search not returning most relevant (2010-02-18 20:58) [#7255]

I searched for the term "shimari", but the most relevant result Shimari was not even returned. Enclosure was among the results, but at the time, I did not know that's what Shimari meant (which is why I was searching for it in the first place)

X Re: search not returning most relevant (2010-02-18 22:31) [#7258]

What has happened here is Shimari is an alias for Enclosure. This means if you go to the url [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?Shimari you will end up at a page with the title of Enclosure which is [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?Enclosure. Over on the right is says the Japanese term is Shimari, which should probably be given more prominence in the introductory text due to its prevelance. As for the searching not returning it, that is presumably because it is only an alias. It seems the search ranking algorithm could be improved to place a higher weight on title matches in aliases.

HermanHiddema: Re: search not returning most relevant (2010-02-19 11:00) [#7269]

I assume that you use the search box in the upper right, rather than the one on the front page. The upper right search box automatically does a full text search when you click "search", rather than a search of page titles (for which you need to click "in titles"), and since shimari is quite a common term, the results are not very useful for someone who does not know what the term means in the first place. A page title search (as is the default on the front page), returns much better results:

[ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?search=shimari

The search box in the upper right needs an overhaul, which is something we're working on currently. Re: search not returning most relevant (2010-02-19 21:07) [#7278]

thanks for pointing out the differences in those two search boxes. I'll try to remember that for next time.

yes, it was the upper right search I used, because I must admit, I don't use the front page at all. I usually just use the RecentChanges page as my front page, which, now that you mention it, I don't see a link anywhere to return to the front page if I wanted to.

Phelan: Re: search not returning most relevant (2010-02-19 21:10) [#7279]

You can always use the stone symbol at the top left to go to the frontpage. Re: search not returning most relevant (2010-02-20 00:02) [#7281]

I too did not find the Stone image intuitive to go to the home page. My first idea was to click on the "Sensei's Library" at the top left but that didn't work but brought up a menu. This menu didn't have "Home" in it, I think it should. Re: search not returning most relevant (2010-02-20 00:18) [#7282]

ah, the stone. that makes sense now (but I agree, not really intuitive though). thanks again.

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