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I so much want shadows under stones.... [#2188]

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reply I so much want shadows under stones.... (2010-02-09 07:29) [#7187]

Can the author do this favor? it will add some sense of real stones in drago.

thanks ))

reply shadows not a good idea? (2010-03-10 16:23) [#7403]

I run Drago on Linux, using Wine. However, shadows under stones apparently is a major issue on that platform. MultiGo, e.g., deals correctly with shadows, but widgets have a pink background (in version 4, but not in version 3!) Many Faces of Go v12 has shadows, but color is reversed (white shadows), and the stones have a square mask that does not properly render a round appearance. Some sgf viewers intended for Windows have a more primitive, non-3D mode that renders stones as b&w circles, and those work fine. So maybe Gilles can do shadows, but should he, considering these odd behaviors under Wine. Maybe the fault is Wine's, but the victims of the fault will be running Drago on the only platform they have, so....?

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-03-13 22:50) [#7418]

@ If you can provide me with a free nice set of stone bitmaps with shadow, diameter from 10 to 60, I will be glad to display them in Drago.

@ Your problem seems to be with image transparency handling with Wine. You should have the problem with other programs.


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