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why categorization by "inventor name"? [#2144]

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axd: why categorization by "inventor name"? (2010-01-15 12:43) [#6952]

can someone explain me the benefit of introducing additional categorizations such as "by inventor name"? To me this sounds more like an attempt to glorify the inventors.

If really necessary, any "inventor" should simply be listed with a reference to his/her SL homepage, and list the "invented rulesets" there.

If this categorization continues, I can propose more categorizations:

  • categorization by use of superko
  • categorization by suicide rule
  • categorization by difficulty, completeness, etc...

And we end up with a long list of repeating information.

The day SL is capable to categorize pages with the [ext] mechanism available on Wikipedia, then this activity can become interesting.

RobertJasiek: ((no subject)) (2010-01-15 14:07) [#6956]

Somebody invented the categorization "by inventor name" apparently in an effort to let official rulesets shine brighter than those non-official rulesets invented by a single inventor. I never liked that categorization "by inventor name" because I anticipated the effect that some names would occur unnecesarily often. Now that the effect occurs, you notice its side-effect of seeming "glorification". Well, who cares. It is a matter of fact that I write a significant percentage of relevant model rulesets. You can group them under a headline of my name. Or we can go back to older categorization by scoring method, purpose or whatever. Every reasonable categorization is fine. People interested in inventor names might as well read them after following the links.

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