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Can we can link exchange ? [#2140]

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reply Can we can link exchange ? (2010-01-14 18:55) [#6935]

Dear Sensei's Library.

Happy new year! Greeting from weiqiok.com, Shenzhen, China.

I'm the webmaster of www.weiqiok.com. You know, weiqiok.com is a professional Weiqi(Go) website, it includes studying of Fuseki, Joseki, Tusuji, Tsumego, etc. Best way to visit our English Version to get more infomation, thanks.

[ext] http://www.weiqiok.com/asp/English.asp

Please let me know if we can link exchange? thanks.

Best regard.

George Zhou.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-01-14 18:57) [#6936]

My email is george@weiqiok.com Thanks.


HermanHiddema: Link exchange & community advertisements (2010-01-14 19:38) [#6937]

Hi George,

Since this is a wiki, it is very easy to link to your website. As long as it is go related, all links are ok.

If you want additional attention, you could consider submitting an ad for the Community advertisements on SL, which is free, but it is up to the admins whether they accept your ad.

I've gone ahead and created the wiki page WeiqiOk.com with a link on it for you

X Re: Link exchange & community advertisements (2010-01-14 20:02) [#6940]

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will place your website on our homepage both English and Chinese version.

Could you tell me which page in your website links [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?WeiqiOkCom, Thanks.

kb: reply to George (2010-01-14 19:39) [#6938]

Looks like a great site. Lots of good material here.

One concern is that I see that the Java tool at [ext] http://www.weiqiok.com/asp/GameGuess.asp?QPEveryDay=1&L=1 looks exactly like the GoProblems tool. Is it licensed from them, or what? You might want to work this problem out.


我在[ext] 这个网页 看了那个java tool, 好像是www.goproblems.com? 的一样,您跟他们讨论没有这个重点? 有可能是个律法的问题。


X Re: reply to George (2010-01-14 20:15) [#6941]

It's OK now. Thank you for your advice.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-01-14 19:48) [#6939]



Unkx80: Broken link code (2010-01-14 20:30) [#6942]

Dear George, your link code at [ext] http://www.weiqiok.com/asp/UserContactUs.asp is broken.

X Re: Broken link code (2010-01-14 20:39) [#6943]

<a href="[ext] http://www.weiqiok.com/asp/english.asp" target=_blank> <img src="[ext] http://www.weiqiok.com/Imgs/logo04.gif" alt="weiqiok.com" border=1></a> Re: Broken link code (2010-01-14 20:41) [#6944]

Sorry for mistake.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-01-14 20:44) [#6945]

BTW, Sensei means teacher? It's from Japanese ? Am I right ?

reply ((no subject)) (2010-01-14 21:16) [#6946]

Would you please place weiqiok.com on Partner sites?, thanks.

Unkx80: Re: ((no subject)) (2010-01-15 05:59) [#6948]

I have already linked your site at link collection. This is a wiki, so anyone can create pages and edit content, but not the layout of the pages. =)

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