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Calvin: How to update? (2005-12-09 00:48) [#711]

So there is some new data on this, from August. New ratings are listed every few months, actually, and I don't want to create a page for each new set. Suggestions? Should I rename the page and just keep the most current values, or should I add a table which shows how the standings change over a period of time? -Calvin

RiffRaff: ((no subject)) (2005-12-09 06:44) [#712]

I think it'd make sense to rename it to "Chinese Pro Ratings". Or create a new page at "Chinese Pro Ratings" and request deletion of the old page. If you're not sure whether you want to keep old ratings around or not, you could just add a TOC to the top and add a header for each set of ratings updates with the newest one at the top.

SteveKroon: Keep old ratings as subpages (2005-12-15 08:18) [#755]

I'd suggest one Chinese Pro Ratings page, with subpages for each update, linked at the bottom of the page, under a heading like Rating History.

Unkx80: Subpages (2005-12-15 10:06) [#756]

I have turned the older "end of 2001" page into a subpage, with a link from the present page. Makes navigation easier. =)

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