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reply Go Program help for dummies (2009-11-11 12:43) [#6542]

I've downloaded a GUI (GoGui) and an engine (Fuego) but I don't know how to use them. The help pages on the respective websites are not helpful, because they assume everyone is a computer buff. I've downloaded Drago, but still can't open Fuego (it only lets you open .exe files. There are no .exe files whatsoever when I downloaded Fuego).

Help please? And I AM a dummy when it comes to these things, so I request that you answer as if talking to one.

HermanHiddema: Re: Go Program help for dummies (2009-11-11 14:14) [#6543]

What kind of files did you get when you downloaded fuego? .zip? .tar.gz?

emeraldemon: Re: Go Program help for dummies (2009-11-11 16:12) [#6544]

on [ext] http://fuego.sourceforge.net/ there is a link that says "Fuego binaries for windows". I haven't tested this (I'm on a mac), but that zip file contains the .exe file you're looking for, which works for GoGui or Drago. It sounds like you probably downloaded the .tar.gz file as Herman suggested. You can certainly build from that source, but it requires something like cygwin and is probably more trouble :)

reply ((no subject)) (2009-11-12 08:38) [#6546]

Yes. I mistakenly downloaded fuego for mac (so the online Go playing community regards Macs as the default machine people use? I never thought I'd have to go find an alt download page in my lifetime). Thx for the replies. I've got it running now. Again, thanks a bunch

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