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can we do without this line? [#203]

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jared: can we do without this line? (2005-12-08 05:57) [#695]

It is a repository, a discussion medium, it is the pot of GO(ld) at the end of the rainbow! SL is whatever you make of it.

I am a fan of less words, more content -- especially with the front page.

If no one cares deeply about this line, I will move it to a lesser page.

DrStraw: Re: can we do without this line? (2005-12-08 14:56) [#701]

Why delete it? It is a very nice line to use as an introduction.

Morten: Re: can we do without this line? (2005-12-08 23:45) [#709]

To my knowledge, it's one of the few lines on SL which have not been changed since the very first day SL started...

Whether that's an argument for or against keeping it I don't know ;-)

Sigh. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

RiffRaff: ((no subject)) (2005-12-08 06:43) [#696]

I've always rather liked that line. Seems like a friendlier introduction to the site than "Hi, we're a collaborative web site".

DaveSigaty: It's purpose (2005-12-09 00:39) [#710]

In the spirit of your (jared's) homepage:

"If these admittedly peripheral wiki entries amuse, or educate a single user, then they have served their purpose."

Let's think that if this line entices a single additional user to explore SL, it serves its purpose.

jared: and the votes are in! (2005-12-09 07:11) [#713]

seems you guys like this line -- let's keep it! :)

Twilight453: HEEEEEELP!!!! (2021-09-04 00:37) [#11837]


kmr: Re: HEEEEEELP!!!! (2021-09-04 00:47) [#11838]

Start with this -[ext] . When you read all, you should understand SL better than 99% of users. Good Luck!

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