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reply Solving problems (2009-10-25 19:31) [#6487]

Hi, I have a set of problems in sgf format. Each one contains right and wrong variants. I want to solve this set of problems one by one... Set is quite big, so I want Drago to save my progress... So I converted them into a database (.db) and trying to use solve feature on this database... The problem is that the statistics isn't correctly retrieved after restarting drago.. It seems random for me at all... I'm closing it on 60th problem, after opening Drago again - the current problem is 7th.. Can you suggest something for this case, plz. Maybe another way of doing this?


GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2009-10-26 23:36) [#6498]

Hi, all you have done seems to be ok. Note however that it is not necessary to make a database to solve problems from a collection. It would work the same way with a sgf folder or a multi game file.

You can check the statistics in the menu Problems/Problem index. After a session, the statistics should be updated. Regarding the starting position, it depends on the selection in the problem order box. If you have checked random, a random selection of problems will be chosen for each session.

Please check statistics and problem order. In case of more problems, you can contact me by pm (address in the about box).


reply ((no subject)) (2009-10-27 20:11) [#6499]

Thanks a lot, using an "open folder" feature works! But still there is something broken in this db logic... I'm just doing simple Open, Ctrl + -> (20 times), Close Program, Open again, Solve problems - and numeration starts from the 1st problem...

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