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Minor edit in preferences incorrectly over-rides edit page setting [#2006]

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PeterHB: Minor edit in preferences incorrectly over-rides edit page setting (2009-10-23 02:45) [#6478]

With Minor edit selected in user preferences, edit pages come up with the tick selected for minor edit, which is as it should be.
However, if I deselect it before saving the edit of a page, I expect the edit to appear on recent changes. In the edits I did today on CyberOro & CyberOro/Status?, this didn't happen, but it did act as expected on this page creation. So perhaps this issue only occurs on edits, but not on new pages. Anyway, this is either a bug or a mis-understanding on my part.

ArnoHollosi: not a bug (2009-10-25 09:26) [#6484]


actually your edits are there, just not in RecentChanges, but in RecentChanges/OnlineGo.

When servers & clans were a hot topic on SL, I split RecentChanges into two: pages with keyword online go and everything else. A combined view is available at RecentChanges/All.

As the number of edits for "online go"-pages has decreased, maybe I should merge the RC pages again.

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