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Proposal regarding complaint pages at Sensei's Library [#2003]

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tapir: Proposal regarding complaint pages at Sensei's Library (2009-11-22 14:02) [#6472]

Regarding our discussion on the Message Board:

What about being generally liberal about all complaints etc. here (as it is more or less the current practice), but to introduce one general day of forgiving, amnesty or whatsoever. On that day last years complaints will be deleted (more constructive parts put into proposals, petitions, etc.) and the complaint pages will start in the new year light-weighted.

For personal reasons I propose 21st of March (alternatively Easter for that date).

Cheers Tapir

isd: Re: Proposal regarding complaint pages at Sensei's Library (2009-11-22 20:23) [#6600]

Sounds fine to me.

PeterHB: Seems a reasonable proposal (2010-01-03 18:35) [#6888]

I'm supportive of this idea tapir, and your expansion at DayOfAmnesTY

kmr: Re: Seems a reasonable proposal (2019-02-25 18:58) [#11337]

I am absolutely against idea of day of amnesty. KGS is run by gestapo-inspired staff so balance is needed and until they will serve their punishment idea of amnesty is irrational.Do KGS admins unban ppl banned permanently?Do they apologize for unfustified bans?Do they apologize for their obvious mistakes?Because answer is NO, then day of amnesty should be deleted.

tapir: Re: Seems a reasonable proposal (2019-02-26 23:10) [#11339]

You are a few years late with your objection. The admin you nominated indeed had a huge entry on the worst admin page and it was the periodic rejuvenation of the page that cleaned it. (All still available in page history, if you truly care that much.) The decision how to handle these pages here was not due to sentimentality towards KGS admins but for the sake of SL.

Kind regards, tapir.

kmr: Re: Seems a reasonable proposal (2019-02-25 18:59) [#11338]

No content

reply What about day of judgement? (2010-01-04 01:40) [#6889]

I mean, i'm perfectly fine for forgiveness etc, but there ARE some admins who really should not have the admin privelidge. Two examples that are pretty clear are bigdoug and javaness. Will anything ever be done to demote those ego maniacs ?? They are really incredibly annoying (see plenty of examples in worstadmin page). I vote we have a day of judgement before having a day of forgiveness...

tapir: Re: What about day of judgement? (2010-01-04 08:49) [#6890]

i would prefer to urge for policy change as this may proof more effective in the long run. (imagine if they have to find and inform about reasons to ban.)

a refreshed worst admin page will have a greater moral authority as well. right now i don't believe people take it very serious (despite some problems being obvious on first sight). most nominations are too old, a lot of joking nominations and self-nominations are mixed in...

see also: KGSPetition?

Unkx80: Re: What about day of judgement? (2010-01-04 09:02) [#6891]

I agree with tapir. Besides, w.r.t. SL itself, what's there to judge?

isd: Re: What about day of judgement? (2010-01-04 11:53) [#6892]

What is annoying about joking? Should Go servers be free from humour?

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