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reply Exporting and Printing differences (2009-08-08 16:24) [#6301]

For some reason, I love the Printing Function in Drago graphically, but when I tried to export all the games I want to Print by PDF and PDF, the board graphic change into something different from the direct printing method. The reason I want to export to pdf because I want to print front and back since my printer doesnt handle automatically. Is there anything I can do?

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2009-08-09 20:12) [#6303]

Yes, they are certainly differences between direct printing and PDF exporting because the libraries used to print and export are different.

However, here are some solutions to get results closer to what you want:

- try exporting to RTF which should be closer to direct printing

- use the advanced options to tune PDF

- contact me by pm. I am always interested in improving the export functions.


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