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How to print kifu under Mac OS X? [#1888]

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tapir: How to print kifu under Mac OS X? (2009-07-10 18:43) [#6203]

My question is: How to print kifu under Mac OS X? I don't manage to print kifu with Goban, and don't know any other programs for this purpose. Under windows I'm using Drago.

Thank you, Tapir.

emeraldemon: I use cgoban (2009-07-11 17:24) [#6208]

I use cgoban 3 (from KGS) on my mac and it works ok. Go to the last move of the sgf and under options, choose "number moves". Then you can print the numbered board. It doesn't say where captured moves were or anything, but the nice thing is you can print out some subset (say moves 1-50, then 51-100, etc.) to make the kifu easier to read.


p.s. I've also used this method to print blank 5x5 and 7x7 paper boards for teaching beginners.

X Re: I use cgoban (2009-07-11 21:51) [#6209]

cgoban works, but its not as nice as drago

cgoban prints the last number in a capture sequence so that when playing through the game, it seems like many moves are just missing, because it also doesn't print ko moves at the side/bottom of the page, as drago does. There's just so much missing information from a cgoban print, that its no worth the trouble.

On my Mac, I still use drago, running under crossover Mac

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