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B-League hanzi? [#1861]

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reply B-League hanzi? (2009-06-18 01:52) [#6132]

Could someone fluent in Chinese double-check the name of the "B-League"?

The article says 围已联赛 but I think the second character should be 乙. Not only does it make more sense, I get one hit (this page) googling for 围已联赛 but thousands for 围乙联赛, and the ones I checked all seem to be about weiqi.

MrTenuki: ((no subject)) (2009-06-18 02:48) [#6133]

The choice of 已 in the article was most likely a typo as 已 and 乙 have the same pronunciation. If I have to guess without any outside information, I would pick 乙 since it could mean "B-level" / "2nd-tier" in this context-- see the [ext] Heavenly Stems article on Wikipedia for more information).

Unkx80: ((no subject)) (2009-06-18 08:27) [#6134]

You guys are right, I have updated it. Often, 甲, 乙, 丙, 丁, ... would be translated to A, B, C, D, ...

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