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(Request) mass unlink for undefined pages [#1857]

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tapir: (Request) mass unlink for undefined pages (2009-06-04 14:34) [#6120]

An additional option to mass unlink all links to a certain undefined page would greatly relaxe the work on the undefined pages - which is not usable for all practical purposes now - and will make them a tool for library work.

Implementation probability?

ArnoHollosi: Re: (Request) mass unlink for undefined pages (2009-08-01 13:24) [#6275]

I agree that UndefinedPages has a size where one can argue, whether it's useful anymore. Most of the entries have only one link pointing to them. So where are the cases for mass unlink to a single page? Or did you mean mass unlink multiple pages at once?

I agree that there are dumb links that can be removed, but I assume that most dangling links should really be pointed to an existing page rather than just removing them. Or am I wrong?

DaveSigaty: Re: (Request) mass unlink for undefined pages (2009-08-01 15:50) [#6276]

I looked at this for the first time. In general I think that it would be better to just create a mass unlink. More to the point. It may be appropriate to create a process that checks for undefined pages and unlinks them after 48 hours from creation (for example). People (some at least) seem to be in the habit of creating links to prospective pages that they do not then go ahead and create themselves. Rather they leave them dangling as an invitation(?) to someone else to create. I think this should be considered bad wiki etiquette. If it is possible to create an automatic process to remove this, it may be a "good" thing for SL. If the author creating a link does not have the energy to create the subsequent page, they should not have typed the brackets [] into the page to start with, IMHO.

tapir: Re: (Request) mass unlink for undefined pages (2009-08-02 14:32) [#6278]

There are dozens of camelcase kgs-usernames, 3d? in tables and similar undefined pages. While I won't mind using a button to unlink some of them, I feel a certain lack of energy to go to all pages (even if it often is only one, but quite often there is only one link on the single page), figure out the camelcase usernames in long lists etc. After reducing the amount of noise there, it will start to be usable for library work issues. (detecting misspelled links etc.) It's just an easy, convenient feature for the undefined pages page. + The reversed version unlink all undefined links from a certain page would be nice as well.

I don't know why all templates are listed as undefined as well.

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